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Anti SPAM Settings
Posted by on 27 September 2009 02:14 PM

Spam assassin is enabled by default on all email accounts.

PremiumReseller use the following block lists to filter spam emails

1. Spamhaus (SBL-XBL)

SBL-XBL is a combination of 2 famous spam checking against SBL ( Spamhaus Block List ) and XBL Spamhaus Exploits Block List (XBL).
SBL is a realtime database of IP addresses of verified spam sources (including spammers, spam gangs and spam support services), maintained by the Spamhaus Project team and supplied as a free service to help email administrators better manage incoming email streams.

The SBL is queriable in realtime by mail systems thoughout the Internet, allowing email administrators to identify or block incoming connections from IP addresses involved in the sending of Unsolicited Bulk Email.

The XBL wholly incorporates data from three highly-trusted DNSBL sources:
- the CBL (Composite Block List) from
- the BOPM (Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor) from
- the NJABL open proxy IPs list from


The SpamCop Blocking List (SCBL) lists IP addresses which have transmitted reported email to SpamCop users. SpamCop, service providers and individual users then use the SCBL to block and filter unwanted email. The SCBL is a fast and automatic list of sites sending reported mail, fueled by a number of sources, including automated reports and SpamCop user submissions. The SCBL is time-based, resulting in quick and automatic delisting of these sites when reports stop.

You can check your email at and check ip blacklist status at

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