MSSQL Database Upgrade
Posted by on 29 August 2010 12:55 PM

All windows hosting plans at include MSSQL databases.

We use MSSQL server Standard edition.

Depends on plan you may have MSSQL 2005, MSSQL 2008, and MSSQL 2012 database.

Default MSSQL database limit is 300MB Data file & 500MB Transaction log (each database).

Upgrade fee for 1GB Data file & 1GB Transaction log is $5/month per database.

Upgrade fee for 2GB Data file & 2GB Transaction log is $10/month per database.

Unlimited size log file $2/month per database (we periodically do db admin task to clean up log for free if required).

SQL Profiling service: $10 / 2 Minutes Trace

Database stops working when limit is exceeded. You will need to upgrade database to restore service.

To check database size in WebsitePanel, navigate to hosting space, select a specific database then expand Database Files tab to view details.

In Plesk panel users can check database size on Databases listing page.

Users can also check database size with MSSQL Management Studio and do database admin tasks on regular basis to ensure database is under limit.

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