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How to add a website in IIS 7.5
Posted by on 10 June 2011 04:38 PM
This knowledgebase article will give you step by step instruction how to add a website in IIS7

To keep your server organized, you should create a folder C:\Websites to keep all websites together.

1. After login your server, open IIS Manager. Start Menu -> Administator Tools -> IIS Manager.

2. On the "Connections" panel, expand server, right click "Sites", then select "Add Web Site"

3. In "Add Web Site" window, enter a friendly name ( in Site name box.

4. Select application pool with correct ASP.NET version for your website.

5. Physical path: enter physical path of website folder C:\Websites\, or click the browse button [...] to navigate server to locate the folder.

6. Select the protocol for the site from the "Type" drop down.

7. IP address: leave default value Unassigned for default website or select specific IP address (shared IP / Dedicated IP).

8. Leave the port number as 80.

9. Host name: if you want to host, type as host header.

10. Select Start Web site immediately checkbox.

11. Click OK to finish.

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