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How to add DNS on Windows Server 2008
Posted by on 30 August 2011 03:11 PM
Steps to create dns zone for a domain using Microsoft DNS on Windows 2008 R2?

1. Log on your server via remote desktop.

2. Open dns admin console: Start -> Administration Tools -> DNS

3. Right click on Forward Lookup Zone -> New Zone

4. Primary Zone -> Type your-domain in Zone Name -> Leave all options default -> Finish

5. After dns zone is created, double click on domain name to create basic dns records.

Right click to open manage options, Add New Host A records: -> your web server IP -> your web server IP -> your mail server IP

New Mail MX record:
Host or child name: leave blank
FQDN of mail server:
Default mail server priority 10

Create associated pointer (PTR) record option can be default unchecked.
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