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Free ASP Upload Script
Posted by Premium Reseller on 06 February 2013 09:23 AM
Inside the ZIP archive you will find two files: one is an upload form you can use for tests or as the starting point for your own page (uploadTester.asp); the other is the code that actually processes the upload and storage (freeASPUpload.asp).

Extract both files into a directory that is appropriate to contain ASP scripts (should be visible by IIS, the web server.)

Open uploadTester.asp in an editor and change the value of the uploadsDirVar variable. The path to your home directory should be C:\Websites\\wwwroot\ .

Load uploadTester.asp in the web browser and test uploading a couple of files. Start with small files (less than 100KB).

Please make sure that you secure access to upload script to avoid exploit by hacker/spammer.

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