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How do I setup my Email Account in Outlook Express?
Posted by on 04 March 2007 05:51 AM

1. Open Outlook Express.

2. Once Outlook Express opens, Select "Tools" and then "Accounts" from the Outlook Express menu bar.

3. Next, click on the "Add" button on the right side of the new popup window, and then "Email".

4. Now you see a window. Type in the first and last name of the person for whom this new email account is to be setup for. Then click "Next"

5. In the next windows type the ENTIRE email address associated with this new account. This is what people will see when they receive an email sent from this new account. It is also the email address that is used when they click "reply" to your email.

6. The first item should by default be "POP3". Leave it that way.

7. Incoming Mail Server (also called POP3 Server). This field should be

8. Outgoing Mail Server (also called SMTP server). Depending on who you use for your Internet Access, this field is normally going to be the same as the POP3 server like

*Note: If you are using Windows hosting and ONLY if you are using Windows hosting Your SMTP server requires authentication. Make sure that you enable that in the settings. Use the same values as your incoming mail server for SMTP authentication.

*Note: If your Internet provider requires that you use THEIR SMTP server, be sure to enter that in this field and NOT one associated with your domain name. You can confirm this by calling your ISP.

9. Account name: Type your entire email address for this new account. If you only enter "johndoe", it will not work.

10. Password: Type the password that was setup for this account.

*Note: Remember password: This is generally a usefull option. It allows email to be checked continually, without requiring you to type your password each time that Outlook Express checks for new mail.

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