How to Enable Parent Path to fix error Disallowed Parent Path
Posted by on 02 July 2008 03:36 AM

You receive an error "Disallowed Parent Path" on asp website.

This is because IIS 6.0 disables Parent Paths option by default for all new websites.

According to Microsoft knowledgebase:

"The Parent Paths option (the AspEnableParentPaths metabase property) permits you to use ".." in calls to functions such as MapPath by allowing paths that are relative to the current directory using the ..\notation.

Setting this property to True may constitute a security risk because an include path can access critical or confidential files outside the root directory of the application."

How to fix this error?

Please login Helm as reseller, browse to domain administration page, choose web settings and check "Parent Paths" option.

Navigation link in Helm: Home > Helm-User > Domains > > Web Site Settings

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